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Thursday, April 3, 2014

What the Past Can Teach You About the Present - #creativethinking

#CreativeThinking - What the Past Can Teach You About the Present
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Using yesterday's key to unlock today's mystery
Yesterday I got a LinkedIn request from someone I went to high school with.  Hmmm.  Aren't you curious about those moments when something or someone from your past reappears in your present as if you have stepped into the way back machine?  Like an instant portal into that era, there you are swirling in memories of that old romance, your former business partner, or that geeky high school friend who you are certain is just waiting to photobomb your FB page.
Let's assume that everything happens for a reason. ;-) Things and people who step out of the past and into the present do so to show us something about ourselves in the here and now. Just like every other experience, you can choose to accept the friend request, answer the email, connect on linked in, return the call or card, or you can choose to simply reflect on it. This is where discernment becomes key.

It's not a given that you must provide a response, 
it's an offering to you. So you might wonder, is it the right time for me to resolve something, or offer a helping hand? Only you can know. I'm working on sugar. Now you might think these things are unrelated, but part of my past involved ingesting all kinds of sugary foods and (ahem) drink. As I clean up and make my body morebulletproof against today's environment, guess what?  All those habits and people from my pastare reemerging! Wow. #awesome
Why not treat these windows into your past as an opportunity to remember who you were and appreciate how different you are now? That's simple. Then step one layer down to ask, "Is there something from this period of my life that I need to let go of?" If the answer is maybe or yes, then draw a small picture or write a word that represents that time. Around it write some thoughts about who you were then, what you learned, and qualities you still carry from that past into the present. (like that sugar addiction ;-)
Then refocus on who and what you dream of becoming.  That thing you always wanted to do. The skill or quality you wanted to develop. The better health you are stepping into. A couple of years ago a woman tired of her job as a lawyer, came to me and in a vision to reality session, I drew a picture of the new life she wanted to step into; the long held dream she had of becoming an actress. Yep, she is that actress today. (and amazing at it!)
Treat the past as a teacher. You don't have to go back and FB friend everyone you ever knew to gain the benefit of the lessons learned. You simply have to ask the memories that sift up from your past, "Why are you here now?" and then gently listen.  You are the #creativethinker and master of your destiny in this equation. Fulfill that passionate dream you have by using those stones of the past to springboard you into the future you desire.



This is an awesome company that is putting people to work everyday. I led an interactive indoor road rally for their leadership team to help them examine their culture. If your team needs a culture refresh, contact me!
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Aleks Urbaniak is the owner of this amazing music production company in LA. He created the opening score for my Vision to Reality video that will release later this spring. Check out his beats. #rockin



This guy is quite the artist. Recently I got asked to draw some caricatures but I'm more of a real time illustrator. Look who I found online? Jess provided just in time awesomeness for my client. If you have a website and illustration work you think I should see, send me a link!

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