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Friday, July 18, 2014



It's Summer, Why Not?
Is there a difference between your real self and the one you use to adapt to your work environment? if you just said yes in your head, I want to give you 5 reasons to just bring you.
When you bring your real self, well..

1. It's more relaxing.
I'm not suggesting you wear your pajamas to work, but rather be the relaxed, summertime you inside those pajamas. The authentic you who has a viewpoint, an opinion, a voice. The one who used to lounge by the pool, or buy your friend a popsicle when that truck came around with the awesomely obnoxious music. The one who just did things spontaneously and asked for forgiveness later.

2. It's easier to handle other people when you are yourself.
Relaxing into the self you were born to be, helps you be less ruffled by that off-handed comment from your boss (or your boyfriend). You can just smile or shrug or be curious, just like you were when you were 3.
3. It takes more courage and being courageous rewires your brain (in a good way!).
It means you'll ask for the time off you need, then you won't take a stay-cation and keep checking your email every 5 minutes, you'll actually go to the water, get on a floatie and float. You'll feel more competent and confident to ask for that promotion, follow up on that lead, ask that person out to lunch.

4. It creates more space in your head.
Head space opens up when you stop trying to ple
ase other people because you are supposed to and allows you to give naturally. Giving for real only happens when you really, really want to and you aren't thinking about that reward you're going to get...someday. 
5. It's more fun.  No kidding. It's fun to be yourself. You are playful, creative, silly, sarcastic, hyper. When you let all of yourself come through, you're once again that wide eyed child, excited and amazed by everything and everyone. 

Just be you. If the gap between who you really are and who you bring to work exists, why not use this summer to bridge that gap. Become a role model for those around you. Don't be surprised when, before summer's over, someone turns to you and says, "I want to be more like you. You are so…yourself!" 




I hope those of you who went to WPC 2014 got a chance to add your mug to these cartoons!
Thanks M/S Community Marketing & Events team for asking for my help!



Martha Choe is leaving the Gates Foundation.
I'm going to miss her insight, objectivity, humor, support and smiling face. Thanks for all you do in the world! Can't wait to see what you'll be up to next.  



If you have been ready to make a change and have been stalling out, perhaps you need a mapping session to reboot and refocus. Shoot me an email and book a SkypeVision to Reality session. You'll talk, I'll draw your vision into reality. Then the fun will begin!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Open the Door & Let You In

Be honest.
You want change and yet
somehow it never seems to happen...

Easy enough.
Fast enough.
Good enough.
Timely enough.
Long enough.

What if you could change anything in a minute?
Would you?
I bet 100% of you would say yes.
But only 10% of you will actually do something to make that change happen.

Become that 10% right now.
It only requires two things - 
1. Using your imagination, (aka your #creativegenius), and
2. Opening a door.

Start here
Think of that dream you've been having of something you want to change
 - where you really want to make a shift. Got it?

Now, imagine, out of the blue, the best thing happening to you -  you get the promotion, you drop 20 lbs., your bank account fills with cash. Let go of worrying how you are going to get there or how used to do it or what happened to you in the past and focus on the inner pictures of how you want it to be right now.

STAY FOCUSED. Add a little more detail.  What's different in this new picture? How are you different in this picture?  Focus on the best case scenario, and the best you in that scenario. Now smile. Literally smile. 

Smiling opens your heart, which opens the door to let in that best self, that best scenario, that goodness that you truly are.

This week make a conscious effort to hold the door open for someone else every time you have the opportunity. As you hold that door open, smile. Then remind yourself you are letting in more and more of your best life, your best #leadership, your best partnering ability, your most abundant self, your best #creativegeniusyou.

Keep track of what happens and be that 10% who is consciously making change.

Here's a note I got this week from someone who watched Draw Your Future 
"About one year ago I happened upon your TedX video. Your story and your work has changed my view of the world and how it works, I believe that everything is possible - more and more…" - Naples, Florida  :)

When you feel stuck, go back to the basics. Set your dial to "positive", Do Good, Be Good and watch how it opens the door for you.



Now is the time for you to get behind the things you believe in.  Here's one of my things that I'm rolling up my sleeves over.



This week focus your body language.
It's not just what you say, it's all of who you bring into the room. Here's proof.



Here's one of those draw your picture stories.
I needed a project manager. I drew this and when Julie signed up formy graphic recording class, she was a seasoned PM willing to do a trade. Thanks universe!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why You Should Wish Upon A Star


"If your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme…
when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true."

-Disney's Pinnocchio
This lyric comes with two basic assumptions:
1. That you have dreams and value them.
2. That you are capable of putting your whole heart into wishing and working for them!

One of my new favorite things to do is a web search about something out of the ordinary, like the value of wishing on a star. It's my own version of crowdsourcing for interesting new (or old) ideas.

Here's what I found when I searched for "wishing on a star":
In 2008 World leaders converging in Japan for the Group of Eight summit didn't wish upon a star, but instead posted their hopes on a bamboo tree. That made me curious what were they wishing for and did those wishes come to be?  (If anyone knows this answer, please email me!) highlights stories of women and men in our world today who "wished upon a star" and worked hard to make their dreams come to be. There are some great stories here, truly inspiring!
There's also a step by step technique out there!  This simple, cartoon embedded article in thewikiHOW outlines how to wish upon a star. included are some little tips like:
  • If you make a wish, never tell anyone what the wish is!
  • Always close your eyes, and think really hard when you are making your wish.
  • Sometimes, wishes need help, in order for them to come true.  Help your wish come true by actually doing things. If you are wishing for a really good friend, try to find a friend when you are at a party, or in the park.
Then I asked myself, what's a person actually doing when he or she wishes upon a star?
Wishing is really a form of asking, asking the universe to help you turn your dreams into reality. Asking for help in this way requires humility, belief and love. You have to love your idea or wish enough to be willing to ask for it, and love yourself enough to believe you can have that dream. Then you have to keep your attention on that wish and do whatever it takes to help it along.

What do you secretly wish for? Tonight (or on the next clear night), go outside, find that star, then close your eyes, open your heart, and wish.

I'm wishing #leaders everywhere will join you!

Full song lyrics here.


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    The great thing about being a graphic recording game stormer?  There still aren't that many of us, so we get to work to for each other all the time. Which means I get to be Sunni Brown sometimes.  Them some big shoes to fill.
    Appreciation abounds. Buy her book Doodle Revolution and see why she is so AWESOME!



    if you want to get some serious drawing lessons.  Go draw with these artists, Kevin Woodson & Christine Walker!  Chris gave me my very first drawing lesson 20 years ago, and Kevin Woodson shows me how it's done every time I get to work with him. Check out these two Rock Stars!

    Thursday, June 5, 2014

    Appreciating the Little Guy in All of Us


    This week I was traveling for a conference and I had to take a cab to the airport. If you don’t travel a lot, you may not know that there’s a current war on between the black car service drivers and taxicab drivers. Companies like Uber have figured out a way to make black car cushy transport easier. I’ve tried it and I realized I prefer riding with the cab drivers because they seem like the little guy in this situation. Many cab drivers are new to our the country and are learning their way around. I want to help.

    So when I walked out of my hotel and a black car drove up and told me he would give me the same price for a ride as the taxicab, I waved him on and got into the taxicab behind him.  The black car driver got mad about it, but he was waiting in a taxicab station, which isn't allowed.  When I told the cabbie why I passed up that black car to ride with him, naturally we became fast friends! I found out my new friend was originally from Antigua.

    Then we proceeded to have the GREATEST conversation.  We talked about traffic and how it tests you to see if you’ll do the “right thing” or not.  My driver told me a story about how he wouldn’t let a woman cut into line in front of him and almost got beat him for it. (and he was a big guy).I shared about the time someone behind me got so tired of cars cutting into line at the last minute (while the rest of us had been waiting for an hour), that he pulled over into that lane and simply stopped traffic, forcing them to creep along with the rest of us. We laughed and admitted that we'd been those cars cutting in too, sometimes.

    Then our conversation went from great to fantastic. He and I began listing all the career paths we had taken and we found that many of the industries we'd worked in overlapped - #business, #healthcare, #art.  We’d walked over so much common ground that we both became giddy appreciating our timely connection. In the last few moments, he turned his mirror so he could look me in the eyes and confided that he felt he had never really been able to reach what he was capable of and didn’t know why. This was soul to soul, sharing truth.

    Well, you can guess what happened next; naturally I shared the vision to reality process with him. I handed him my business card so he’d know how to watch that TEDx talk #DrawYourFuture, and a HUcard fell out of my wallet at the same time. That must have been meant for him too, so I handed it to him as well.  “When you feel down, or worried, sing HU”, I explained, “it’s a sacred word as old as time that will help to remind you that you are a spiritual being, capable of anything you desire.”

    We parted ways with a profound appreciation for each other’s gifts and stories, and for that wonderful thread that weaves through everything, connecting us to new friends everywhere, in every moment.
    This week take time to appreciate the little guys in your world (that means you too) and honor those interactions as an opportunity for connection. Wherever you go,#lead the charge and give love, be love.

    Thanks for reading #creativegeniusyou,



    Join me June 7th from 10AM - 3PM
    The Creativity Symposium for Puget Sound Entrepreneurial Women is a one day conference event for entrepreneurial women to unleash their joy and creativity through speakers, workshops, mastermind circles, and networking. #womencreativesunite



    When educators get together to get things done, things happen.
    Thanks for inviting me to illustrate your brilliance. You are amazing and thank you for transforming education. #educationtransformation



    Early warning!  I'll be speaking in Vancouver at this event!
    If you don't know about the amazing things the Soroptimist International are doing for women around the world, now is the time to get online and find out.They are a force to be supported.
    Send your friends to draw their dreams into reality in Canada!

    Sunday, May 25, 2014

    Your #CreativeGenius Will Transform Your Business or Your Life


    will transform your business or your life
    I was #drawingsolutions at an events planning meeting and they were talking about one of the coolest ideas to build their brand's culture. It was a creativity event that was taking place all over the world; included amazing artists, awesome technology and never mentioned the sponsor's name. You had to go searching for it, which people did! They were shocked by the event's sponsor!  Wow! This team's idea was so compelling that it made me want to switch my brand loyalty
    When was the last time you felt inspired by an idea? You know, where that concept or vision was so cool that you thought, oh my god, where did that idea come from?!
    Incremental change is just that…incremental. To get to the awesome you…you gotta goBIG.
    1. Ask questions - What's the boldest thing I (or we) could do?
    2. Stop the internal chatter and listen to what your intuition (or customer) is telling you.
    3. Use your innate creative genius, your imagination, to pull down, build, balloon, highlight, explore your idea.
    4. Draw it as you get it.  Literally, sketch it on a scrap of paper. People who draw their ideas increase their idea generation by 65%!
    5. When you hit on and sketch out that idea you love, then rest for a second. Close your eyes and ask the big you, the universal you, the creative genius you, for "This or something better."
    The brain is a limited resource. But you, the eternal you, is limitless. Creative genius is about accessing the ideas that already exist and pulling them out of your imagination and into this reality, right here, right now.
    In an ICF Oregon Chapter meeting, I was showing the coaches the Draw Your Future process, and a woman drew a picture of herself taking a vacation with her boyfriend, in a very specific country, on the future side of her map. Moments later she got a text from her boyfriend suggesting they put a vacation into the calendar to travel to that very place. I hear stories like this everyday. Go draw your future, then send me your story, I know you'll have one too.

    If you want to change your life, be more successful in your business, your health or your relationship, why not shift your perspective? Pretend you already are in the experience you want. Everyday, take time to rest, get quiet, reflect, and dream.This or something better.

    Your creative genius is spinning the universe on your behalf in every moment of every day. Tap into the hundreds of ideas and solutions to help you handle any situation you encounter.


    Join me at the 2014 CREATIVITY SYMPOSIUM Saturday, June 7th, 10Am-3PM, Fremont Abbey Arts Center in Seattle.  Here's the lineup of awesomeness:
    • Jennifer Hopper, Song Artist, The Angel Band Project
    • Carol Sanford, CEO of the Responsible Entrepreneur Institute
    • Lisa Fitzhugh, Founding Partner of Creative Ground, Activist
    • Abby Lodmer, Conscious Comedian of Humor Healing Humanity
    • Imani Sims, Poet and Spoken Word Performance Artist
    • Justin Blaney, #1 Best-Selling Novelist
    • Kerstin O'Shields, Soprano Opera Singer & Presentation Coach
    • Zita Gustin, Connector Expert and Strategic Coach
    • Erin Jeck, Founder, Create Infinite Balance, LLC
    • Amy Lang, MA Speaker, Author & Parenting Expert
    • Keynote Patti Dobrowolski, Up Your Creative Genius



    These coaches are amazing.  They invited me to do a keynote on Drawing Solutions, Visual Goalsetting.  If you need your team to get revitalized or realigned, this 45-90 minute key note is a perfect way to do it! And these coaches will help you make those changes stick!



    We give a lot of lip service to supporting girls in our society. But the fact is, there are girls starving, stolen, or lost all around the world. You can do something about it. Change your attitude and start empowering girls. Put Girls First.



    i found this in a book that I had on my shelf.
    I love it. Try taking one of these words into your day and ask to have an experience with one of these qualities to show you what it means.

    Thursday, April 24, 2014

    Your Leadership is Calling, WIll You Answer?


    This week I did a visual coaching session with an amazing woman to help her create her first vision to reality map. She's a mother and successful entrepreneur who's been struggling to figure out her next step. She knew she needed to shift, but wondered how or where to start? Sound familiar? Into my visual collaboratorium we went.

    As the session unfolded you could hear her critic begin to pull out some of those old, stale stories. Stories of how she wasn't smart enough, skilled enough, or certain enough to move forward. These are the worn out tapes we play that mistakenly reinforce blame or shame, when often the underlying causes for our confusion and stall out is our lack of time and space to hear our leadership calling.

    In a visual coaching sessionthis is a typical reflection someone has when they look back at their past or bring up what's not comfortable in their present life. These feelings and memories activate that amygdala which sends worry and cortisol into our system, making us feel depressed and hopeless. Ugh. Fun.

    We both drank some water. Then we looked forward, dreaming her new future.  In a moment she disrupted that old state of consciousness.  It began when she simply imagined the desired new reality she wanted. She talked while I drew and wrote reflections of the desired qualities she wanted: abundance, peace, freedom, true service.

    Then out of her mouth came these words, "You know, the time I felt the most happy in my life was when I was _______________," she went on to describe a time right after she was recovering from an illness where she'd found peace by providing a much needed service to others. "I wanted to be a __________. " and just like that she not only surfaced her leadership calling, she actually named her new company! 

    Into the session and onto the map flew the values and strategy of her new business venture followed by those big bold steps she would need to take to get it off the ground. She'd bumped up to her calling in the past but she hadn't known how to turn into a career. In our session, just talking about her future brought it front and center. You could feel it was what she was meant to do, and once that idea hit the map, there was no turning back, she knew she had to do it.

    Interestingly enough, her current business and business training had been preparing her to take this next step, teaching her the leadership skills she'd need in this new world. Her next step had been there all along, and it just took a simple drawing to reveal it.

    Is your leadership calling?
    Do you hear it's ring with every fiber of your being?

    Reconnect to what you were meant to do. Draw it out yourself or hire a visual thinker to help coach youFInd the courage to pick up your inner phone and listen to that call. It's right there waiting just for you.



    OMG Global Librariesrocked the Up Your Creative Genius Changing…the Game. Pictured here: one team works on strategy while another team's player, relegated to the "circle of wait" for Inflexibiity, loses a turn and must hold a yoga pose in the background.



    Catch The Game Wave to the Future
    This year we've expanded our training offerings to include two awesome games:
    Changing…the Game - up your team's change management genius with this room size game board to simplify and boost resiliency skills.
    Workshop in a Box - an HR/OD or T&D team's best friend.  The game helps you create interactive, yet outcome driven games.
    Both kits are completely downloadable!
    More info here!



    High Performance starts with Health
    I have been following Dave Asprey for a couple of years now and I can honestly say I feel better. Oh yes, I dumped gluten and sugar but I am so happy to be able to drink delicious, mycotoxin free coffee. Now Dave's come out with this outrageous Bulletproof Ghee. Super yum. Check it out. Leaders need to #staybulletproof

    Thursday, April 3, 2014

    What the Past Can Teach You About the Present - #creativethinking

    #CreativeThinking - What the Past Can Teach You About the Present
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    Using yesterday's key to unlock today's mystery
    Yesterday I got a LinkedIn request from someone I went to high school with.  Hmmm.  Aren't you curious about those moments when something or someone from your past reappears in your present as if you have stepped into the way back machine?  Like an instant portal into that era, there you are swirling in memories of that old romance, your former business partner, or that geeky high school friend who you are certain is just waiting to photobomb your FB page.
    Let's assume that everything happens for a reason. ;-) Things and people who step out of the past and into the present do so to show us something about ourselves in the here and now. Just like every other experience, you can choose to accept the friend request, answer the email, connect on linked in, return the call or card, or you can choose to simply reflect on it. This is where discernment becomes key.

    It's not a given that you must provide a response, 
    it's an offering to you. So you might wonder, is it the right time for me to resolve something, or offer a helping hand? Only you can know. I'm working on sugar. Now you might think these things are unrelated, but part of my past involved ingesting all kinds of sugary foods and (ahem) drink. As I clean up and make my body morebulletproof against today's environment, guess what?  All those habits and people from my pastare reemerging! Wow. #awesome
    Why not treat these windows into your past as an opportunity to remember who you were and appreciate how different you are now? That's simple. Then step one layer down to ask, "Is there something from this period of my life that I need to let go of?" If the answer is maybe or yes, then draw a small picture or write a word that represents that time. Around it write some thoughts about who you were then, what you learned, and qualities you still carry from that past into the present. (like that sugar addiction ;-)
    Then refocus on who and what you dream of becoming.  That thing you always wanted to do. The skill or quality you wanted to develop. The better health you are stepping into. A couple of years ago a woman tired of her job as a lawyer, came to me and in a vision to reality session, I drew a picture of the new life she wanted to step into; the long held dream she had of becoming an actress. Yep, she is that actress today. (and amazing at it!)
    Treat the past as a teacher. You don't have to go back and FB friend everyone you ever knew to gain the benefit of the lessons learned. You simply have to ask the memories that sift up from your past, "Why are you here now?" and then gently listen.  You are the #creativethinker and master of your destiny in this equation. Fulfill that passionate dream you have by using those stones of the past to springboard you into the future you desire.



    This is an awesome company that is putting people to work everyday. I led an interactive indoor road rally for their leadership team to help them examine their culture. If your team needs a culture refresh, contact me!
    True Blue The Leader in Blue Collar Staffing



    Aleks Urbaniak is the owner of this amazing music production company in LA. He created the opening score for my Vision to Reality video that will release later this spring. Check out his beats. #rockin



    This guy is quite the artist. Recently I got asked to draw some caricatures but I'm more of a real time illustrator. Look who I found online? Jess provided just in time awesomeness for my client. If you have a website and illustration work you think I should see, send me a link!