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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Your Leadership is Calling, WIll You Answer?


This week I did a visual coaching session with an amazing woman to help her create her first vision to reality map. She's a mother and successful entrepreneur who's been struggling to figure out her next step. She knew she needed to shift, but wondered how or where to start? Sound familiar? Into my visual collaboratorium we went.

As the session unfolded you could hear her critic begin to pull out some of those old, stale stories. Stories of how she wasn't smart enough, skilled enough, or certain enough to move forward. These are the worn out tapes we play that mistakenly reinforce blame or shame, when often the underlying causes for our confusion and stall out is our lack of time and space to hear our leadership calling.

In a visual coaching sessionthis is a typical reflection someone has when they look back at their past or bring up what's not comfortable in their present life. These feelings and memories activate that amygdala which sends worry and cortisol into our system, making us feel depressed and hopeless. Ugh. Fun.

We both drank some water. Then we looked forward, dreaming her new future.  In a moment she disrupted that old state of consciousness.  It began when she simply imagined the desired new reality she wanted. She talked while I drew and wrote reflections of the desired qualities she wanted: abundance, peace, freedom, true service.

Then out of her mouth came these words, "You know, the time I felt the most happy in my life was when I was _______________," she went on to describe a time right after she was recovering from an illness where she'd found peace by providing a much needed service to others. "I wanted to be a __________. " and just like that she not only surfaced her leadership calling, she actually named her new company! 

Into the session and onto the map flew the values and strategy of her new business venture followed by those big bold steps she would need to take to get it off the ground. She'd bumped up to her calling in the past but she hadn't known how to turn into a career. In our session, just talking about her future brought it front and center. You could feel it was what she was meant to do, and once that idea hit the map, there was no turning back, she knew she had to do it.

Interestingly enough, her current business and business training had been preparing her to take this next step, teaching her the leadership skills she'd need in this new world. Her next step had been there all along, and it just took a simple drawing to reveal it.

Is your leadership calling?
Do you hear it's ring with every fiber of your being?

Reconnect to what you were meant to do. Draw it out yourself or hire a visual thinker to help coach youFInd the courage to pick up your inner phone and listen to that call. It's right there waiting just for you.



OMG Global Librariesrocked the Up Your Creative Genius Changing…the Game. Pictured here: one team works on strategy while another team's player, relegated to the "circle of wait" for Inflexibiity, loses a turn and must hold a yoga pose in the background.



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High Performance starts with Health
I have been following Dave Asprey for a couple of years now and I can honestly say I feel better. Oh yes, I dumped gluten and sugar but I am so happy to be able to drink delicious, mycotoxin free coffee. Now Dave's come out with this outrageous Bulletproof Ghee. Super yum. Check it out. Leaders need to #staybulletproof

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