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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Getting Some Detachment
Recently we moved our house (and my office) to another city - Portlandia! While I knew it would be a good move, I found the toughest parts were leaving my neighbors, that (ahem) recently remodeled house, and the casual, but significant, day-to-day interactions I had with people in my hood.

Since my work isn't locked to a place, and my PNW clients see Portland and Seattle as sister cities, (albeit one boasts more piercings ;-0), my moving 3 hours away wasn't an issue for them. 

Many of my friends said things like, "We'll probably see you more, now that you'll need a place to stay when you are working here." (Correct!) Not an issue for them.

While I consider myself a pretty good change agent, I found myself not hiring someone to clean the house at the end. Instead I chose to do it myself, and while doing it, went room to room to room...I just couldn't seem to ... let....go. While mopping the last inch of that shiny basement floor one more time, I thought, "Girl, you need to get some detachment! Unhook the train car and...LET GO! Stop looking back! Start looking where you are going!"  Suddenly, things got much easier and I found myself in a swirl of newness.

WHAT'S great about moving?
Moving forces you to reevaluate.
STUFF.  You look at all the stuff you've acquired and ask yourself, "Now why do I still have that?!"
PRIORITIES. You start thinking, what things do I want to live close to? How long of a commute do I want to have? What new things can I try?

One of our dogs needs to run. So having a park nearby was very important. My new office is super close to parks.  But the surprise came when we were walking the dogs one night and discovered this trail 4 blocks from our new home on a street we'd never walked before.It leads to a sweet nature preserve, a bike trail, a creek. NICE.

Detachment paves the way for new things to come into your life.
If you look closely when change is occurring, you can see how seamlessly life steps in to make your transition smoother.

PRETEND you are moving. ASK for new things you want to experience, then LET GO of some of your old habits (and stuff!).

Step into each day as if you are entering a new house, a new partnership, a new city.  Then, watch with wonder as life rearranges the road and the scenery around you to match your new state of consciousness, as it did to hold and support our family in our Portlandish move.

For these amazing gifts I am grateful.  And for your readership.  I thank you.

NOW, please check out the cool people I have been meeting and what they are up to.  Some of them might have a surprise or an adventure for you!



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