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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Imagination Changes Everything


TEDxSacramento - April 18th 7:30PM
 Our innate nature is to play, to imagine. 
Join me this Thursday at the Sacramento Guild Theatre for a TEDxSacramento salon.  I'll be speaking about imagination.  One of my favorite topics, it is key to the Vision to Reality process, which is all about using your imagination to dream (and draw) the next chapter in your world.

Like anything you have to work your imagination to get the most out of it. Daydreaming a best possible future is a secret passageway that allows us to let that anxious part of our brain calm down, and find the route to the new life we desire. Our imagination normally gets worked up when we are scared. One technique I consistently use to take charge of my imagination is to take an aspect of my life that I want to explore more fully, and fantasize new things happening there.  You'll be surprised which things happen!

Fantasy transforms our world.
Recently, my partner Julie decided she wanted some transformation.  She dreamed of having more free time and suddenly she was looking at consulting firms in Portland. Uh oh.  That's what happens when you let your imagination run wild!  Of course, she was snapped up in a second and so we are moving our home (and the Up your Creative Genius offices) to Portland. Close enough to Seattle that I'll still maintain my local clientele, but wow, a new city to explore.  FUN!

I'm looking forward to my walk on part in Portlandia!  I'm imagining the beautiful mountains, the fantastic food, the unusual piercings I will experience in Portland.  Am I excited? Yep.  I can't wait to see what life has in store for us down there.
Life is too short to succumb to fear.
This year, make a commitment to yourself, that no matter what happens, you will live life filled with love and creativity and passion.  Let your imagination be your guide. We live in a world filled with all kinds of people and experiences.  Send love out through the door of your heart and use your imagination to find new ways to serve life and grow yourself.
Portlandians, I look forward to meeting you!



OMG I loved listening to Ben Kaufman share about his amazing company. His goal is to be the next GE.  Guess what? After I drew that vision on his map, his company was approached by GE to form a partnership! Vision to reality!



This is a great guy who talked about disruption at a recent offsite I was illustrating.  Get out of the box with yourself and disrupt your industry to surpass your competition.



If you are looking to fund something amazing, look no more. The people of this city in Paraguay live in a dump and they built their instruments from the trash they found.  Learn about them here.  Fund them.

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