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Thursday, February 16, 2012

People Drawing Their Dreams Into Reality

There have been a number of people who have watched my talk at TEDxRainier11 and are using a simple picture to draw their dreams into reality.  Here is a beautiful vision map from Violette - as you can see the left side has her current state, the right has her desired new reality and in the center are her three bold steps.

That's how simple it is.  It will take you about an hour.  In this easy to use process, you'll bring your goals into sharper focus, give your brain a clear picture so it continues to keep tracking your dreams. And the serotonin from your excitement of the picture will help motivate you to take action every day to get more of what you want in your life - even when it gets hard.

  Here are a few more vision maps from Peggy, Pearl
and another twitter can either learn this simple process from the video or enter the Meylah book give-away contest that runs until the end of this week. (or purchase on Amazon).

If these people can draw their dreams into reality, why not you?

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