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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Why Day Dreaming Is A Must

Why Daydreaming is a Must


"Our brains can make cognitive leaps when we are not completely obsessed with a challenge, which is 

why good ideas sometimes come to us while we are in the shower, or taking a walk or a long drive".write 

Tom & David Kelley, IDEO founders in their latest book Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative 

Potential Within Us All  What the brothers who founded IDEO suggest in their great new book, is that we take a mental vacation to help our ideas come together more quickly. This is why when you are with teams working on strategy, if you approach the problem or new futures from a side door, you'll get better results. Daydreaming is one of those regularly utilized side doors.
When you daydream about something you long for, be it a creative project, a challenge, or an idea, your brain goes into underdrive, building that dream world in your subconscious with the help of your imagination.

 "A daydream, in this sense, is just a means of eavesdropping on those novel thoughts generated by the unconscious. We think we’re wasting time, but, actually, an intellectual fountain really is spurting," writes Jonah Lehrer in a New Yorker article on the merits of daydreaming. According to a recent study led by the Harvard psychologists Daniel Gilbert and Matthew A. Killingsworth, people let their minds wander forty-seven per cent of the time they are awake. Daydreaming gives us an ability to merge ideas from the subconscious world and bring forth solutions.  Often cool and unexpected solutions.

THIS YEAR WHY NOT GOAL SET FROM THIS OBLIQUE VIEW? Try this: When you go out, carry a blank journal and pencil with you.  Then, ask the universe for a sequence of signs, tips, clues about your next step. As things happen during your day that stand out as unusual, jot them down or draw a picture of that experience or thought.  What I mean by stand out is that you might be turning over a problem or idea, when suddenly you hear a song that seems to respond to what you were thinking.  Or someone says something unusual and your brain highlights it as "huh, that's weird."  Or you see a bumpersticker on a car that seems meaningful to you. The situation feels like what is sometimes called a "waking dream" or synchronistic experience.

At the end of your day, look at your list or pictures of odd things and add them up.  Make meaning out of them. If they don't make sense right away, go do something else for while, and come back to it later.  Eventually it will become clear and you'll be able to take steps towards achieving those things.  What I love about daydreaming a new direction or change is I can count on myself doing it almost 50% of the time and when I daydream about the things I want more of, those positive things, it pulls me into a better frame of mind and opens the door to more possibilities. 

With the change of the year, comes the opportunity to turn up the heat on your relationship with the daydreaming you.  If you want to learn more about what I am talking about, I'll be on Channel 2, KATU, AM Northwest on January 3rd, or please join me for one of the services at the Portland Unity Church on January 12th.

After the morning services, I'll be facilitating a New Year, New You workshop from 1-3.  It's a new year, time to GET YOUR GOALS GAME ON.

Love to your and yours, have a happy and safe holiday week!




Staff are amazing at this high school and I can't wait to run some vision to reality workshops with the students at this school.
The students and teachers are open, creative, excited about learning.
I can't wait to tell you what they teach me about visual goal setting.



if you haven't heard of Dave Asprey yet, wait about a minute and you will.  His products, webcasts are an amazing way to find out more about how you can be in peak performance mode 24-7. 



This team makes it happen. My neighbor,Brian Butterfield is an amazing, new filmmaker.  I hired him and his crew, Mike Poor, and Drew MacKenzieNoice to help me create some training videos.  I loved their ideas an enthusiasm. 

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