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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Living A Varied Life

“To have a varied life, you want to have diversity of experience”
- Scott Carey, owner of Sump Coffee, St.  Louis Missouri

I was part of an immersion team last week that went into a number of small businesses in St. Louis to understand the changing food market better.  The highpoint for me was Scott Carey, from Sump Coffee.  He shared his philosophy with the team and afterwards the team noted his complete alignment between what he said and the coffee and process he served.

Are you aligning your business or how you live your life to your core values or beliefs?  Do you feel passion for what you are up to?  Do you surround yourself with diversity to expand how you think and what you do?
If not, why not?

Meeting new people, doing new things changes your brain and expands your world.  It also lets you change the route patterns of thought your brain gets trapped in.  This new perspective can help you loosen up the places you are stuck in your world and expand your thinking and understanding of your self. 
Diversity of ideas and reflection on what you have seen, heard or experienced brings greater insight into your true essence.  Here are a few ways to use a visual to help.  You will need a pen or pencil and a piece of paper and a few moments away from the ever present technology.

Close your eyes.  Ask yourself, “Who am I really?  Why am I here in the world right now?  What quality or service do I bring to the universe that is uniquely my own?
Reflect on these questions for a few moments.  Then open your eyes and draw a picture of what your world, your life, your offering looks like.  Let go of worrying about how good your drawing is, and step into the feeling you get when you feel fulfilled doing this thing or things you most love.  Capture the qualities and characteristics of this world, this state in words.

If you want to expand into this world more fully, put this picture somewhere you can see it everyday.  It will inspire you.  It will also accelerate your ability to live in alignment with what you value and what you bring.

It’s your life. Live it in the best way you know how. Send me a picture of your drawing so I can add it to my collage of your dreams.

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