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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Get Disruptive With Your Leadership & In Those Dull, Endless Meetings!

One of the ways to get better results is by getting disruptive with the heirarchy in your organization. You can "offer opportunities" to employees (or your family) all you want, but the real opportunity comes when you turn over the reins.  How do you do it?  By including everyone in the problem identification and decision making process.  Want to share the workload when you are lauching products or creating new programs?  Let others identify the problems, brainstorm solutions and determine the roadmap for how everyone to create success.

If you want to learn more about how to create positive combustion, why not take a workshop hosted by my colleagues Keith McCandless and Nancy White.  (I met these two disruptors when we graphic recorded for the Dalai Lama in Seattle.)  Their workshop, Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop: Leading by Including & Unleashing Everyone is August 16.  What is it about?    "In contrast to managing a project, Liberating Structures catalyzes a broad movement. Leaders responsibly let go of over-control in a way that invites more local action and momentum. Leadership is more distributed: waiting for someone else or gaming the system is replaced by more freedom, self-organization, and mutual accountability. Guided by must-do and must-not-do principles (aka Min Specs), a movement spreads without central control."

Now, how do you become an ANARCHIST in your meetings? Gamestorm them. Here's my newest most favorite game - it's called "Mood 'o Meter." Break participants into small groups (if it is more than 8 people), or push back their chairs, stand up and put down a piece of flip chart paper in the center of the table and turn it into a board (versus "bored") game.  Ask them to draw 3 concentric circles on the paper.  Around the outside circle have everyone write what they believe needs to get done in the meeting, putting a star next to the one with the highest priority (3 minutes to do this).  When you have agreed on the top 3 things that need to go first (2 minutes max deciding), move to the second circle.  Have them draw a picture of themselves on a post it note with a word that represents the strength they brought into the room and on the back, a word that represents their "shadow side"  or mixed mood they brought. (3 minutes max to create)  Have each person share their picture, strength and mood.  (5 min max)  Based on the strengths of the group, have the group self-select a facilitator, scribe and timekeeper.  Write their names in the center circle! Then, start that meeting!

For more super cool Gamestorming ideas, pick up a copy of Sunni Brown's book.  Disruption is QOM!

MY BIG ASK:  I'd love to feature more of your maps and stories of how you areDRAWING YOUR DREAMS INTO REALITY!  Send them to me!

If you need a kick start, tune in this Saturday at 1PM PSTon "Minding Your Business" with Robbing Block 1300KKOL

Or call me for a individual mapping session or email me to sign up for one of my September Graphic Recording or Drawing Solutions workshops in Seattle.
Happy SUMMER!!!


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