Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Keep Your Eye on the Prize to Calm Your Doubting Mind

I just did a number of workshops, both in Colorado where I was able to speak at the DU Women's Conference, as well as for a couple of organizations celebrating Administrative Professionals Week in Seattle.  One of the key questions that was repeatedly asked was "How do we deal with a doubting mind in the process of getting to our success?"

That amygdala part of your brain is programmed to respond when you step out of the familiar.  When activated, it will send adrenaline into your system and subsequently can derail your progress.  So how do you keep that amygdala at bay?  One way to actively take charge is through noting and connoting any positive success you have made either towards this goal or in goal achievement from the past.  By reminding yourself of the movement and shifts you have been able to make you automatically shift your thinking into the right side of your brain which houses all of the potential and possibilities you can imagine.

Another suggestion from Dr. Ellen F. Weber* is to "Focus on your endpoint, even as you first step out of the gates. Glance toward that next well-paced addition to your plan, much the way drivers glance ahead on a highway. Center in on dividends you expect, and navigate sharp curves along the way, like the skilled driver you are. With each of the estimated 22 stressors that will hit you on an ordinary day, you’ll want to execute well-chosen strategies toward new directions that win."

How do we keep focused on our endpoints?  By going back to that image you drew of your Desired New Reality.  Here is what you said:

" I attended your seminar at the Women's College at DU. I left right after and didn't go to a final session because I didn't want to kill my buzz. Thank you so much for you energy!!"

What "buzz" is she talking about?  The buzz of serotonin you get when you envision and build the life you want.  Here's what another woman wrote:

"Thanks to your inspirational presentation at the DU Women's Conference I took the first bold step.  Yep, you may as well have been speaking directly to me...Thank you!"

If you (or those around you) aren't living the life you desire, why not take your own bold step?  Watch and forward my TEDxRainier talk.  You can take steps today to draw your future into reality.

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*Weber, Ellen (2012-04-25). Making Change Easy (Novelty with the Brain in Mind) (Kindle Locations 82-85). Mita International Brain Center. Kindle Edition.

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