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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Using Google+Hangouts to Engage With Your Followers

I first experienced the power of Google+ when I met Daria Musk at TEDxRainier.  An overnight success through the use of social media, Daria showed me how amazing Google+'s hangouts can truly be, during her live concert at an corporate event we both presented at last week in Chicago.  At the event, I was able to not only watch her perform, but I could also see the people who had joined her hangout as they shifted in and out of the Google+ screen.  A superb performer, Daria seamlessly interacted with both her live audience (in the room) and her hangout audience (shown on screen behind her in this image).

Stoked by my experience, this week I hosted my first Drawing Solutions:  How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your LIfe hangout.  A great tool  to help you interact with people around the world, in this hangout participants shared with me the challenges they face as entrepreneurs in achieving their goals.   While many of their goals were different, we shared a common belief about the impact a positive attitude and understanding the new brain science can have in helping you find greater success in stepping into your vision.

Want to experiment with a simple new tool to get to know your followers better? I encourage you to try Google+ hangouts and have direct, F2F contact with people around the world. It  was a beautiful forum which, with just the expense of a couple of studio lights, allowed me to show people how to literally "doodle" or draw their dreams into reality.

Here's where you can join and get in on my Google+hangouts that I will continue to host on Mondays.  Times may vary to accommodate participation from Google+ followers in different time zones around the world, but if you add me to your "circles", you can click my name to see when I'll be hosting a hangout next.  If you have any questions about this medium, feel free to email me.  I look forward to seeing you there!

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