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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Working with Doubt

Turning your dreams into reality.  That's what each of us are focused on at a deep level.  Our nature, our DNA is about evolution, subsequently evolving ourselves is a natural process.  Where we get hung up is when our ego gets involved.  It's often working in collusion with the left side of your brain.

You know what I speaking of, it's that part of you that wants others to see you, value your contributions.  It's the "must get external approval" part of each of us. This kind of need to be valued is fueled by a feeling of separateness from all of life.  It shows up when you wonder, "Am I really capable of achieving this vision?"  or talk to yourself using a more critical voice, "You can't do that!  You didn't even...."(fill in the blank).

You can turn your dreams into reality, and you will have to work with your self-doubt in the process.  In DRAWING SOLUTIONS:  How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your LIfe, I write about dealing with doubt.  Doubt is rooted in fear.  Fear is generated by the left side of the brain that wants to keep you safe from harm.

However, when you take time to dig under your doubt, you inevitably find the truth behind the fear.  Sometimes your fear comes from something you heard someone say, or saw in the news.  This small seed of doubt gets watered and fed by worry.  Worry arises when you aren't trusting that the universe is providing you with the perfect experience for your state of consciousness to evolve.

Change is part of life, evolution part of our DNA.  When you begin to take charge of your change and direct your attention to the things you want more of, versus less of, and keep alert, you will find the route through the field of doubts that may crop up along the road to your dreams.

Remember, once you draw your dreams, the universe immediately begins to collaborate with you to bring what you desire into reality. Your job?  Put your attention on the subtle next steps that seem to come from "out of the blue" and take action on them.  Action ceases panic.  As you move forward, even the tiniest steps will over ride your doubt and replace it with a deeper sense of satisfaction.

When in doubt, remind yourself that you have two sides of your brain and nudge yourself to remember that you are connected to something greater than yourself and even if you can't understand what  that is, you can tap into it at any moment in time.

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