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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Holding the Visual Until Life Links You Up

More and more I am seeing the value of the visual.  Whether you dream it, you watch it, you imagine or you draw it, what you see in your mind and in your world becomes your reality.

I'm not making this up, your brain is.  That's right, your brain sees in two dimensions because of the optic nerve, but we live in a three dimensional world.  What does your brain do to compensate?  It makes it up.  It's fact that part of what you see is fiction.

Why not leverage that piece of brain science to your advantage?  Next time you want to be someone or somewhere else in your life, make it up using that innate tool of creative genius -  your imagination.  Envision it thoroughly as if you are right there, right now looking out through your own eyes experiencing it.  Make  it vivid.  Paint it with emotion. Lock it into memory.

Then do EVERYTHING you can to take action towards that vision to make it real.  Dream it everyday and be grateful for every small or large movement in that direction. Celebrate that movement.

Surprise yourself at how quickly your inner and outer imaginings can become reality.
Not through hocus pocus but through leveraging your own brain.  Curious?  Don't take my word for it.  Experiment on your own.

Hold that visual until life links you to it.

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