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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Female Creative Genius: Promote These Women

There are millions of creative women geniuses out there.  (Why can't I find them on Google?)
Never mind!
Here are five for you to start promoting today:

Lots of talk about creative genius now that Steve Jobs has transitioned out of this world.
Who are other creative geniuses you find on Google? Sadly what comes up are mostly :( men.

Which woman showed up?
Madame Curie - the science of radioactivity.

One book dedicated to female creative genius, notice how this author describes them:

Mary Kay Ash -- A Confident Charismatic
Maria Callas -- Perpetual Perfectionist
Liz Claiborne -- Persevering Pioneer
Jane Fonda -- Renegade Innovator
Estée Lauder -- Impatient Overachiever
Madonna -- Psychosexually Drive
Golda Meir -- Intransigent Confidence
Ayn Rand -- Macro-oriented Intuitor
Gloria Steinem -- Rebellious Social Conscience
Margaret Thatcher -- Indomitably Competitive
Lillian Vernon -- Internally Empowered Entrepreneur
Linda Wachner -- "Type A" Workaholic
Oprah Winfrey -- Persuasive Charismatic

Are you kidding me? Dude, get a life!

If you haven't set up your TIVO to record Miss Representation do it now.

Who run the world?  Girls.  Send me your female creative geniuses!

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