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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cut Out Empty Calories in Your Brain

Almost everyday we get some kind of spam mail giving us tips on how by doing x,y, or z, we can cut out empty calories.  Thanks!  But wouldn't you rather cut out the empty brain calories you ingest everyday?  You know what I'm talking about.  How about the wasted brainpower you spend worrying about whether your boss likes what you did on that recent project?  Perhaps it's that conversation you have in your head figuring out the angle that will finally convince your spouse to throw out those old boxes of high school memorabilia that take up half of your basement.

I am also talking about the empty calories you and I ingest when we allow our brains to stay unfocused.  Take email for example.  You open your laptop first thing in the morning and what happens?  You probably check your email.  Why?  Maybe it's to feel more connected.  For some of us, a full email box makes us feel needed or important.  In some cases, our job depends on us checking, it's as simple as that.  Or maybe email has just become one of those early morning habits.  But empty emails suck up our precious brain power.  The brain power it takes to manifest what you want.

What would it be like if you opened your laptop and just started writing, started expressing yourself? 

What if your daily ritual was to open a word doc and ask the universe a question?  Think about it.  What is the one question you would LOVE to have an answer to?

Most of us spend a great portion of our day spinning through empty calories.  We open up emails trying to sell us stuff, we read random articles to keep connected to the world, or click a link "to know more" about something.  One of the best kept secrets to knowing more about anything is by entering into dialogue with yourself, your more knowledgeable self, your quieter self - through any creative portal.

Imagine for a second that everything you ever wanted or wanted to know was just waiting for you to shift your attention from the analytical, rational, data driven left side of your brain to that expansive, connective, creative, all knowing right side.  And all it took was a little creative exercise.

Try it.  Draw a picture of your biggest desire, then let yourself bask fully in the imagination of it (like it's a huge sun lamp and you've been living in Seattle).

Write a question on a chalkboard in your mind.  Then watch to see who comes into your world today to answer it.

Take time to ingest the kind of creative calories that will feed you long after that bowl of distractions has passed through you.  You'll be pleasantly surprised by what happens!


  1. It is said, "When the student is ready, the teacher will come". You posted this in Feb. I am ready tonight to receive this message and it is a GREAT one. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with others, Patti.

  2. It is said that when the student is ready , the teacher will come. You wrote this in Feb. I read it tonight and it had GREAT meaning to me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with others, Patti. You are a treasure. Jill