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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Open the Door & Let You In

Be honest.
You want change and yet
somehow it never seems to happen...

Easy enough.
Fast enough.
Good enough.
Timely enough.
Long enough.

What if you could change anything in a minute?
Would you?
I bet 100% of you would say yes.
But only 10% of you will actually do something to make that change happen.

Become that 10% right now.
It only requires two things - 
1. Using your imagination, (aka your #creativegenius), and
2. Opening a door.

Start here
Think of that dream you've been having of something you want to change
 - where you really want to make a shift. Got it?

Now, imagine, out of the blue, the best thing happening to you -  you get the promotion, you drop 20 lbs., your bank account fills with cash. Let go of worrying how you are going to get there or how used to do it or what happened to you in the past and focus on the inner pictures of how you want it to be right now.

STAY FOCUSED. Add a little more detail.  What's different in this new picture? How are you different in this picture?  Focus on the best case scenario, and the best you in that scenario. Now smile. Literally smile. 

Smiling opens your heart, which opens the door to let in that best self, that best scenario, that goodness that you truly are.

This week make a conscious effort to hold the door open for someone else every time you have the opportunity. As you hold that door open, smile. Then remind yourself you are letting in more and more of your best life, your best #leadership, your best partnering ability, your most abundant self, your best #creativegeniusyou.

Keep track of what happens and be that 10% who is consciously making change.

Here's a note I got this week from someone who watched Draw Your Future 
"About one year ago I happened upon your TedX video. Your story and your work has changed my view of the world and how it works, I believe that everything is possible - more and more…" - Naples, Florida  :)

When you feel stuck, go back to the basics. Set your dial to "positive", Do Good, Be Good and watch how it opens the door for you.



Now is the time for you to get behind the things you believe in.  Here's one of my things that I'm rolling up my sleeves over.



This week focus your body language.
It's not just what you say, it's all of who you bring into the room. Here's proof.



Here's one of those draw your picture stories.
I needed a project manager. I drew this and when Julie signed up formy graphic recording class, she was a seasoned PM willing to do a trade. Thanks universe!

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