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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bold Step Yourself Beyond Your Expectations

Isn't it ridiculous how many expectations a person can have in one day?  Expectations about people, places, events about to occur, reactions people might have to whatever you are or are not doing.  The brain is a busy bee in there trying to sort things out to keep you out of potential trouble.  The trouble is, most of what that brain concocts and spins into stories isn't based in reality.  Well it might have a smidgeon of reality, but...that doesn't give it the artistic license to take over your mind for the next twenty minutes driveling on and on.

When I am working with a client or team for the first time, I haven't a clue who they really are.  So I do what most of you do, I go online and do a bunch of researching and then I concoct the picture in my head about what and who I am about to meet.  I come up with some righteously wrong expectations.  Thankfully I realized this early on when I thought that if I wore a 3 piece suit to my first consulting job they wouldn't realize how extremely inexperienced I was. HA! Nowadays I try to get there early so I can do a course correction between what I made up in my head and the reality of who they really are.  They are inevitably much more friendly, open, smart, handsome or pretty than my brain concoction was.

This is why I am taking this precious moment to remind you that the brain is fickle about things.  So when you are thinking about you and what YOU want to create in your life, your brain often serves up very dry, dull, repetitive ideas unless you FORCE it to think BIGGER and BOLDER.  That's why I ask you, when I am working with you or your team, what are the 3 BOLDEST THINGS you can do to get from where you are to where you want to be?  The pesky amygdala (as Dr. Ellen F. Weber calls it) is built to keep you safe from it tries to serve you up with simple, understandable, comfortable solutions.  So, when you ask it, "What should I do next?"  It says, "What's wrong with what you are doing now?  Why do you want to keep changing things all the time?  I like eating cheese puffs and ice cream and drinking way too much coffee, just leave me alone!"
Ahem.  Excuse me, but you are an evolving being.  Set a higher bar for yourself. Go draw a new map of your life, your dreams so you can turn your vision to reality.  Get busy, there's too short of time in this life to just keep playing that same old tape.  Move on, light a fire, expect more of yourself, train your brain to serve up a luscious parfait of new experiences.  I have included pix of a few super fantastic people I recently worked with who are doing just that.  Join them!

PS.  In order of appearance:
Photo 1:  Tangerine Travel
Photo 2:  Stacey Burke, TrueBlue Inc
Photo 3:  Physio-Control think tank team

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