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Saturday, November 19, 2011

What's Up in Las Vegas

Las Vegas - that big adult Disneyland filled with too much smoke ;-)
Since I'm one to always look at the bright side, versus what I wish were there, here are a few of my take-aways:

People who visit Las Vegas come from everywhere around the world.  Diversity is KING.
80% of them smoke, drink and gamble at least once while they are there. Cash is QUEEN.
Everyone is super friendly. Politeness is PARAMOUNT.
If you are the 20% that doesn't gamble you can still participate in one of America's all time favorite sports:  SHOPPING.

There is great entertainment, clean and dirty. '-)
Everyone seems to LOVE it here, especially that 80%!

So what are they doing well?
1.  Offering extraordinary customer service!
2.  Charging for everything.  $12 to use that in room hotel coffee machine.
3.  Lots of opportunities to empty your pockets... gambling, shopping, food, drinking...more shopping followed by...
4.  Easy access to all of the above and more than you ever wanted to know about.
5.  Eye candy everywhere.

Great experience, Las Vegas!
Now, back my that 20% I love.  If I could sum up in one image...

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