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Monday, March 21, 2011

What Matters Most

My heart goes out to Japan.  The devastation caused by the earthquake has once again reminded me that this world is transient and subject to sudden and dramatic change.  The images from across the world fuel a desire in me to go deeper into the heart of things - to the things that matter most.

For each of us, what matters most will be unique, but we are inextricably linked together through love.  You and I are linked to the people in Japan, just as we are linked to those within our immediate surroundings.  Even though we are far across the planet, and may feel disconnected from the experience and the images in the media, or may wonder how we can help, we can always send love.

The turmoil in parts of the world reminds me to look at life as a whole and ask myself again, why am I here?  Why am I in this job, in this city, with this constellation of friends and family? How can I, in each moment, give to life and continue to stay present to that which matters most?

One tool I have found useful is to imagine that there is no separation between myself and the things and beings that I come in contact with.  The people I work with, the drivers on the road, the things I touch or use in my house, all parts of life are made of the same substance that I am.  They are all comprised of big or small molecules of energy - love.

When I remind myself that we are all part of the same energetic structure, I find my patience expanding.  When someone at work doesn't see the vision that I do, or the dog decides my cycling sock is the one thing he wants to chew a hole in, I am able to give back to the moment, to be grateful for the work, to hold up that holey sock and smile.  And to simply give love.

It's the first day of spring.  There is lots of new growth surrounding us.  Thanks for being here and for all that each of you do to help yourself and those around you to grow.  Thank you for remembering what matters most.

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