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Monday, January 5, 2009

The Alchemy of Planning

You've heard the myth that extensive planning breeds the best results?  At Alchemy we are involved in all types of planning, but extensive, tedious - that strategic plan that becomes a book and remains on the shelf - isn't one of them.  We believe that by marrying visuals with a simple planning process you can build the excitement and commitment to get you better and faster results.  Each of our alchemists work with individuals, teams and organizations around the world to help them kick-start their engines of change and burn rubber taking off in that new direction.

How can you accelerate change in yourself, your team, or your company?  We have developed and refined a process called  the Snapshot of the Big Picture.  In short, getting a snapshot of where you are right now, your Current State, where you want to be one year from today in the best possible Desired New Reality, and identifying the 3 Bold Steps that will get you from here to there.  Rocket science?  Not likely.  Download the template above and try it for yourself.

All of us make plans in our head.  At Alchemy, we marry this naturally intuitive process with an external visual to accelerate making that "picture in your mind" happen.  In our work, we actually draw on huge pieces of paper 4' by 8', and that picture packs a powerful punch.  But even if you are simply using a small visual like the template above, when you put that visual in a place where you can see it everyday and take action on your 3 bold steps, stuff happens.  That's the alchemical process - part science and part magic.  Check out what people have been saying about using our Snapshot of the Big Picture process and let us know how it worked for you. 

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  1. Even if you don't have Patti's talented drawing skills - this process works! I used the Snapshot mapping recently with a young woman. We strategized some big decisions she saw coming her way. The moment she began seeing her thoughts,emotions and facts turned into visual words and pictures she began to feel more control over her decisions - both personal and in business. Within a week she contacted me back and told me a list of things she had accomplished moving her forward in the goals she set. One of her main items was to bring more creativity in her life. So we "colored in" her map together - making change happen real time!